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Alanís Memories of 26 Years at Sea 

Alan Mackenzie has made a huge contributed to this site with over 200 photos and a 6378 word essay about his amazing 26 year career. Brilliant stuff, thanks Alan. To reduce the loading time Iíve split it all up into 9 separate pages listed under the ships that Alan sailed on.


All the narration with each photo is from Alan.

Iberia (Pre Sea Daze 1967)

ss Oronsay (1973-1975)

ss Canberra (1976-1985)

ss Canberra (1985-1996)

ss Canberra (Additions)

ss Oriana (1977-1982)

Sea Princess (1979-1983)

ss Uganda (1980)

Sun Princess (1980)

Island Princess (1982)

Royal Princess (1984-1985)

mv Oriana (1995)

Victoria (1997-2002)

mv Arcadia (2001-2002)

Sea Story


Iberia 1967

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Iberia anchored at Elba.


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May '67

At sea - Iberia's impressive funnel. 


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May '67

The forward swimming pool. 


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May '67

The Ferdinand Restaurant. My mother is seated nearest camera. 


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May '67

My mother in our passenger cabin. 


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Iberia alongside at Barcelona, seen from harbour cable-car.


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At Madeira - Iberia alongside and my mother and self (aged 11!) on the jetty. 


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Self on deck, aged 15, Iberia sailing in the Hardangerfjord, Norway. 


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Iberia in the Kattegat following departure Copenhagen. 


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06.05 72

A rather sad one this, and the last photograph I ever took of Iberia. It was taken from the after decks of Canberra and shows her laid-up in Southampton, not long before she departed for the scrap-yards in Taiwan. 


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A picture I have had for many years, taken originally from a travel magazine and shows Iberia underway (I think) in Sydney Harbour. 


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Iberia sailing from Tilbury, outward-bound to Australia, circa. 1965.


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An official postcard of Iberia issued in the early 1960s. 


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This is a spoof, produced by Sydney Office around 1969/1970 and entitled, "The Final Solution to the Iberia Problem". Apparently, Iberia was not a popular ship to programme when assigned to Aussie cruising as, due to stability problems, an unusually high proportion of her tanks had to be devoted to permanent ballast, thus reducing her fuel capacity and therefore her range. Some wag came up with this, long before the days of computer-doctored photographs and must have been created by cutting up different negatives and combining them to produce the finished article!


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