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Alanís Memories of 26 Years at Sea 

Alan Mackenzie has made a huge contributed to this site with over 200 photos and a 6378 word essay about his amazing 26 year career. Brilliant stuff, thanks Alan. To reduce the loading time Iíve split it all up into 9 separate pages listed under the ships that Alan sailed on.


All the narration with each photo is from Alan.

Iberia (Pre Sea Daze 1967)

ss Oronsay (1973-1975)

ss Canberra (1976-1985)

ss Canberra (1985-1996)

ss Canberra (Additions)

ss Oriana (1977-1982)

Sea Princess (1979-1983)

ss Uganda (1980)

Sun Princess (1980)

Island Princess (1982)

Royal Princess (1984-1985)

mv Oriana (1995)

Victoria (1997-2002)

mv Arcadia (2001-2002)

Sea Story


ss Uganda 1980


Radio Office Uganda with Dave Harris, 3/R/O. 


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Dave Harris 3/R/O & Self 2/R/O working on Photogs' gear (with necessary refreshment!). 


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Uganda alongside, Helsinki, Finland. 



Self on Monkey Island, Uganda, whilst in the Kattegat.



Swimming pool Uganda (in the Baltic - must have been cold!). 


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Dancing in the Music Room about 0130! Self 2/R/O, unknown Deck Cadet, plus pax various. 


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Uganda alongside at Lisbon. 


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Uganda at anchor in Stockholm. 


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Dave Harris's 21st Birthday. Dave is in the centre and on the right is Bob Oliver 2/O.


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