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Kathy Riordan's Memories

I've had the good fortune to sail on several ships over the last thirty years, including many Princess ships from the mid-80's onward. I first cruised aboard the former Rotterdam to Alaska, and quite memorably was aboard the Golden Princess in the Mediterranean on 9/11. The following photos and memorabilia are primarily from three sailings on Princess in 1992--on the Pacific, the Royal and the Sky.


You are welcome to post any of these if they might be of interest to others who share a love of the sea, and particularly those who hold fond memories of these ships, the ports they touched, their officers and crew, including some seadogs now sadly departed.

Cheers.--Kathy Riordan.


Royal Princess transatlantic (New York to Southampton), April 1992. Seated center was ship's entertainer Houston Allred. Standing rear was Chief Electro-technical Officer Tom Beck. The rest were passengers including myself far right.


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Princess Patter from the Royal transatlantic cruise, April 1992, Captain Colin Campbell.


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My birthday party aboard ship on the Royal transatlantic, April 1992. 


Aboard the Sky Princess sailing from San Francisco roundtrip to Alaska, late August 1992, with the late Captain David Lumb (center). To the left was the social hostess aboard the Sky (I don't recall her name, but perhaps someone else will be able to identify her).


Roger Knight, center, with unidentified children aboard the Sky Princess to Alaska, September 1992. Roger was Deputy Captain on that sailing, alternating with David Lumb.


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Princess Patter from the Pacific Princess, Hawaii-Tahiti cruise, February 1992, Captain Roger Knight.


Aboard the Royal Princess in the Baltic, July 1991, under the command of the late Commodore John Young. Among the pieces of video I have from these cruises, I have a lovely snippet of a video of Commodore Young's welcome speech to passengers at the Captain's Welcome Reception in the Baltic. "It's a bit like those lunches," he said, "...where the speaker stands up at the end of lunch and gives it maximum... and your mind is not on what is said, but spends its time wishing--wishing that the soup had been as warm as the wine, wishing that the wine had been as old as the chicken, and wishing that the chicken had a bosom like the waitress." True enough.


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