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Kerry Hodges' Memories

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Here's another shot when Chusan Officers were involved with the film premier of Krakatoa East of Java.


Archie Struthers (2nd Elec), ?? (could be J Selwood J/3 Eng), Jean Slade (WAP), Kerry Hodges (4th Eng), J Simister (Children's Hostess)


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This photo of Coromandel Officers was taken at Lavinia Beach, Colombo in 1967.

L-R Back:

David Nancarrow (R/O), Cliff Robertson (Elec) Cadet Parry, Cadet Courtness, Kerry Hodges (J/Eng). 

L-R Front:

D Kelly (4/Eng), ?? (4th Mate).


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Photo of Coromandel Cabin Party. 

On the left is Chief Steward P J Thomas and his wife, some of the others in photo are; 

Back Row: 

??, C Robertson (Electrician) Stewart Nicol (Jnr Eng), ?? 

Middle Row: 

A Holmes ( Jnr Eng), ?? (3rd Off), ??, ??, ?? (Storekeeper).


The following are frames from my movie films taken onboard Pando Point 1971-72. We had a good social committee who organized wardroom events such as card nights, Cowboy theme nights and BBQ's at sea. Most trips had 2-3 wives onboard.


John McMullen (Electrician who I last saw on Oriana with Taffy Williams sometime in the late 1970's) and D Turner (2nd Eng).


P Nightingale (C/Eng).


Stan Jamison (C/Off) dancing with the 3rd Mate and John McMullen in the background. This was our cowboy night.


Some more Photos from Coromandel in 1967. While unloading at Trincomalee we played a cricket match against the Ceylonese Navy at their base. That evening we held a party onboard for the officers and their wives followed by a Frog Race meeting.

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Frog Race.


Cliff Robertson (Elec), ?? (Cadet), J Kilner (3/Off), Ceylonese Navy Officer.


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Race Meeting at Trincomalee.


David Nancarroe (RO), Nick Collett (C/Off), Cliff Robertson (Electrician) with Ceylonese Navy Officers.


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At Sea.


Think name was Cole (4/ Off), Parish ? (Cadet), Kerry Hodges (4/Eng), maybe ? Rose (Cadet), can't remember cadet or Jnr/Eng seated in front.


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At Jeddah on boat trip. 


Stan Nicol (J/Eng), J Kilner (3/Off) ?? maybe Cole (4/Off). 


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Photo of Bob Stewart (2/Eng) taken onboard Chusan about 1968 with two unknown passengers on the left and myself on the right travelling as a passenger whilst on leave. I last saw Bob in Melbourne during the early 1990's when he was Chief Engineer with OCL, he was on one of the Bay ships (Encounter I think). Sadly Bob passed away around 2000.


Mike Moulin riding an Elephant in Ceylon on one of our day trips to Kandy. Taken about August 1967. Mike was the 2nd Officer of Coromandel then, later to become Commodore of the Fleet.


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Something for the Engineers to remember, how to fill out a log book. This is a (copy) out of the Coromandel C/Eng ER Log Book that as 4th Eng, I had to fill in for him every day from the original. This was the book that he sent to head office. The original stayed with the ship. 


I have nearly a full set of the Crew lists from 1964 until 1971 which I can scan for you if you would like ... yes please!

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