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Captain Mike Carr (Retired)


Mike walked down the gangway to retirement on the 12th February 2006 when MV Oriana docked in Hong Kong on it’s 2006 Grand Voyage. His wife, Angie, was by his side. It was a very sad moment and in the time honoured tradition it was marked with as many officers as possible mustered on the dock side to cheer him on his way. Tears were seen but, as Mike always said, they’d be rolling up his cheeks but I did see one rolling down!.



The Menu


As is the case, the Executive Committee dined Mike and Angie out 2 days prior to leaving. It was a night to remember in all respects, the food, the company and above all, the occasion. Mike’s career spanned more than 40 years with P&O. Many stories were told of which some could not be repeated in writing due copyright law, or maybe due to being placed under immediate arrest, not sure which! Below is just one story that came out that night,


‘In his younger days Mike was always looking for ways of making his fortune. Whilst at Pang Bourne he invented a bra that would stop girl's breasts from jiggling and also prevent the nipples from pushing through the fabric when cold weather sets in. He thought he’d bounce his idea off some of the other boys at a dormitory meeting. No sooner had he announced his big idea than all the boys took him outside and kicked the crap out of him for being so stupid. He then decided to run away to sea.’


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The invited Guests

Back Row: 

David Jewkes, John ? (Port Lecturer), Charlie Carr (Staff Captain), Roger Cheeney (Chef), Lee O’Sullivan (Ventilation Officer), Julian Hughes (Staff Engineer Officer), Salvatore ? (Senior First Officer), Mike Carr (Captain), Huw Jones (Staff Electro Technical Officer), Mario Schulli (Finance Manager), Bob Lawrence (Security Officer), Johan Bernard (Senior Doctor), ?? (Deputy Food and Beverage), Nigel Travis (Cruise Director).

Front Row:

Susan Jones (Purser), Jo Charlton (Accommodation Manger), Collette, Lee O’Sullivans (Fiancée), Claire Boon (Food and Beverage Manager), Angie Carr (Mike’s Wife), Alyson Hayward (Tours Manager), Leanne Stutchbury (Shore Staff), Hayley Fowler (Loyalty Manager), Lisa Cowan (Assistant Tours), Natalie Milverton (Assistant Cruise Director), Jan Bacon (Restaurant Manger).


Interspersed between these next photos are emails of goodwill sent to Mike.


This is Mike and Angie receiving a framed canvas picture from the Executive Committee. The picture is of Mike and Angie together with the MV and SS Oriana. Mike and Angie having met on the SS and Mike’s last command before retirement being the MV. A fitting end to a distinguished and long career with P&O.


Angie, Huw Jones (SETO), Lisa (Shore Excursions).



I sailed with Mike many times and remember fondly the lunch time "Captains Conferences" with the obligatory "babies heads" or pasties and beans, quite often ending up with a sing along with Angie.  My first real memory of Mike was on Arcadia 97/98.  I was 1EO and still not really used to direct personal contact with Captains. There was to be an evening bash in the Captains lounge for all the Senior Officers and I have to admit I was disappointed not to be invited, I probably mumbled as much to the CTO at the time, Marty Elliot. The evening of the event arrived and I was in my cabin. Phone rings and I answer, person on the other end says "hello matey, Mike here".  I am desperately trying to think who Mike was, penny finally drops. Needles to say I had a personal invite from Mike to the bash and a good time was had by all. But I think this sums up his attitude, he was (is) very much the Captain but could communicate on a very personal level as well.  BBQ's on the bridge wing is another memory I will always associate with him.

Hope you manage to give him a great send off. 

All the best

Douglas Black

Staff Engineer Officer

M.V. Ocean Village


Can you please pass on my best wishes to Mike on his retirement, I'm sure

that he will enjoy putting his feet up, but tell him not to do 'Galley Rounds' in the kitchen as Angie might not be too pleased.


Archie Anderson

Archie was a Ventilation Officer on the old Oriana who left many years ago



Mike receiving a gift from the Executive committee.



Please send my regards to Mike on his retirement

Best wishes

Mike J

(Mike Jack)

Mike was a cadet at the same time as Myself, Paul Clasby etc, he left in 87 and now lives in New Zealand.



Mike, survival seems to be the key word here for those of us who have managed to stay the course. Over the years it is amazing what has been thrown at us and I know that you have had more than your fair share. Trouble with you, you bugger, is that you keep picking it up and throwing

it back!


The memories and anecdotes are all well known and unfortunately most of them documented. One has to tread carefully when recounting tales for fear of being had up for slander, libel, plagiarism or treason. Tell the truth they all say but if we did about the antics of the past, no one would ever believe us. I look forward to the book!


Mike, enjoy your retirement and I am sure that Angie will make it as pleasurable as you deserve. Think of us kindly and keep in touch.

All the best to you both.

Steve, Keith, Marty, Patrick, Paul, James and all the motley crew aboard Arcadia

Best regards

Steve Burgoine

Captain MV Arcadia



Mike receiving a plaque with a few of his most favourite items crafted by the Technical Department, that being, a Whisky Glass, a Cigar, and a Cigar cutter. (They didn’t have time to make the rocking chair !!).



I was trying to think when I last sailed with Mike but is was a long time ago. So to be honest I've not got any real "tales to tell". However strange as it seems I brought back with me this time, not sure why, a video tape I made while onboard the "old" Oriana and on it were some shots I took on the bridge wing and due to modern technology I've been able to get some photo's off the tape. The quality is very fuzzy to say the least but overall they aren't too bad and you can make out who the people are - just. Please send my best to both Mike and Angie and wish them both the best for the future.

All the best,

John Ibbotson

Passenger Services Director

Island Princess



I will be on hols in Mauritius between 5 and 18 Feb so will miss out on sending Mike a direct mail on day of Hong Kong call. I haven’t got any dirt on him but only advice on letting him select the wine at dinner, or not!!


Following a refit onboard Arcadia done in Southampton I, along with the Superintendent, hosted an end of refit dinner at a local rezzie. There was only about 12 to 15 people there. I asked Mike to select the wine, taking into account that the bill was coming out of the refit budget. So select he did and jolly nice it was too, until the bill came in reading over £400 for the wine, a great deal more than the food and each had 3/4 courses.


Please ensure he has a darn good night and wish him and Angie all the very best from myself and all his friends here in the Technical Department.


David Strawford

Technical General Manager



Angie with the old Guitar out.




It was a pleasure to sail with you on many ships over the years, the old Oriana doesn't seem that long ago. I have some fond memories of BBQ's held on Arcadia's bridge wing or Mayreau lobster salad in the Captain's lounge, it made it all worthwhile - Ralph never knew the meaning of simple.


The diet Cuban cigars and Scotch doesn't appear to have done you any  harm. If you haven't got quite enough cigars to last you through retirement, I can always let you have some at a "special price"  I bet you're looking forward to that smoking ban in pubs!


I know you haven't sold any of your P&O SN Co shares, in which case you are looking at a very healthy profit with the takeover looming. It will keep Angie in new frocks for a long time!!


The Almighty must hold you high regard otherwise I'm sure the Swiss Army Knife would have dropped on your head whilst you were making one of your speeches on the old Arcadia, it never did.


Is it Babies Heads on the menu? If I was there it would be steak tartare but the recipe is secret, hopefully someone did the needful going through the Suez.


I hope both Angie and yourself have a very long and happy retirement.

Keep in touch.

Best wishes


Andrew Dowson

Executive Purser




To Mike and Angie,

From another pensioner (I'm settling in now - I'd be starting to get the hang of the job if they didn't keep changing it !! )

All the best to you both for a very happy retirement.

Paul,  Judy,  Charlotte

Paul Barry

First Electronics Officer

MV Pacific Princess



Mike with Lisa



Please pass on to both Mike and Angie my best regards and good wishes for a very happy and healthy retirement.

All the best and have a good retirement night out with M&A.

Your aye

Dave Monument.


David was the Hull Superintendent many yeas back and his last job was the conversion of the Sea Princess way back in 86.




It doesn't seem that long ago since we first sailed together, then you look back and bloody hell. Harold Wilson was the Prime Minister and we were onboard the SS Arcadia, A case of Allsopps was £2 (but if you got it from Pete Stevens it was always considerably less). Those Halcyon days before computers, emails and audits. God knows how Tony Dallas, Joe Chapman  and Les Morrow would have got on with those. Then again how the hell do we get on with them.


So in over 30 years I have sailed with you on Canberra, Sea Princess, two Arcadia's and two Oriana's. We have certainly had some great times over the years, but also some very trying ones. I suppose the most frightening one that will always stick in our minds is when we were off Falmouth in a rather heavy storm and we were all looking at being a total constructional loss. As a Yemenese seaman said to me whilst we were under a table being bombed in San Carlos "nobody knows where Allah lives, but in times of  trouble we search for his address" I was certainly looking for his bloody address that morning in the Channel. The great times were so many, but  just to mention two. Those Squadron Meetings in Arcadia's wardroom with Les Morrow, Connie Cloughton and the gang. Then the classic on the world cruise last year, when you got the agent in Port Swettenham (sorry Kelang) to get us a car and take us to The Port View Hotel and The Mariners Club. Only to be told that The Mariners Club had burnt down and The Port View Hotel had been pulled down. However we did manage a ride round Swettenham bringing back memories and then a super lunch out at the Fatty Fatt Seafood Restaurant.


So Mike all that remains for me to do is to wish you a fantastic evening with all your friends on Oriana, have a really super time. Sorry I can't be there with you, but as you know I am reclining with a little green soldier on "The ship of Dreams". Life doesn't get much better than this.


All the very best to you and Angie for a long and happy retirement. I'm sure Kate will be in touch once you return to the UK and we will try to arrange a get together.


By the way  -  When next in Madeira if I'm not with you, don't forget, you will need a brand new 50 Euro Note !!

Take care

Charlie Hill

Chief Technical Officer

MV Oceana



Mike on the right



As a cadet in the old P&O the Third Officer on the cargo ships looked after the education and course work of the cadets. Mike was given the benefit of some pearls of wisdom and has risen to his present lofty status as a result. He followed the golden rule explained below, as had many of his predecessors who were equally successful in years gone by.


The maxim was a mathematical principle as follows. It works very well indeed, most of the time. When management in the Kremlin wants maximum effort they are referring to Sea staff giving MORE THAN 100%. Here is the way that you get exactly the right result and deliver more than 100%. First of all, here's a little mathematical formula to help in the future. How does one achieve 100% in LIFE?

Begin by noting the following.




C=3 etc


H A R D  W O R K = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = Only 98%

K N O W L E D G E = 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = Only 96%

A T T I T U D E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100% ...

This is how you achieve 100% in LIFE.


B U L L S H I T = 2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

So now you know what all those high-priced consultants and management in the Kremlin don't expect, but get, when they say they want sea staff to "Give More Thank 100%.


Mike and Angie, Enjoy your retirement. You have earned it, and it comes highly recommended.

Rory and Jean


We all know who Rory is! "Rory Smith"



I have known Mike for near on 30 years and can truly say he was one of  the characters that influenced my life at sea. He always liked the good life and a laugh but always seemed to know where and when to stop. The lucky bugger.


I haven't any special story to recall but would like you to remind him that a show singer named Elaine Simmons was very grateful to him for putting  the ship back alongside in St Marten when she was late leaving the Chief’s birthday party. The gangway had already been landed. Good old Mike did the gentlemanly thing (doesn't he always) and made sure she got back to her own ship rather than taking an unplanned trip on the Sun Princess. Ah, those heady days before the breathalyser!


All the very best Mike. May you and Angie enjoy a long and happy retirement with not too many visits from Rory!

Nuff said.



We all know who this is! John Rockell



Hailey and Alison with  the Salvatore (Senior first officer).



Please wish Mike and Angie on behalf of Phil and Sandy Pickford a long and Happy retirement. I'm sure he will not forget from many years ago the 'Golden days' on the old Arcadia cruising out of Australia with Captain Tony Dallas.


Phil Pickford



Dear Captain

As you walk down the gangway for the very last time, our thoughts and best wishes will go with you. It has always been a pleasure to sail with you on the old ‘Arcadia’, made doubly so by the charming presence of Angie, whose smile never failed to lift the spirits of the crew.

Wishing you and Angie all the very best for the future.

God Bless!

Wilson Joseph

Accommodation Manager

Ocean Village



Bob (Security Officer) with Jo Chapman (Accommodation Manager)



Mike, thanks for all your guidance over my initial years with P&O and amazingly I'm still here. Kath and I still have the Christmas card you sent us in 1989 so now perhaps is an appropriate time to return your kind gesture from the both of us. All I'll say is "Jesus loves you" and let you explain to whoever is there with you what comes next.

All the best, it's been a real pleasure and hope all goes well with your future plans. Big Kiss to Angie, feeling sorry for her already.

Take Care


Pacific Sun


Captain Roger Bilton



Hi Captain Mike Carr,

So it is your turn to be surprised but not too embarrassed I hope. I can remember a few things over the 37 years I have known you. I remember one instance on Canberra when you phoned me and asked if I could upgrade a birthday cake that had been ordered for a retired Stocktaker doing the World Cruise. I thought you wanted a rich fruit cake instead of the regular birthday sponge. "NO NO NO, can't you do one of your specials" you ask. Well, Miss Whiplash was onboard Canberra at the time and in the limelight and the news and so I did a cake in the shape of a double bed with a naked lady with a whip in her hand. I am sure you must remember that one? I was never sure if we upgraded or degraded that cake.


When I retired from the Arcadia over four years ago you surprised me not

once but twice, the first time was on my last galley parade on second sitting in the restaurant when you let the cat out of the bag and announced to a full restaurant of passengers, "He is affectionately know through the fleet as Supertart." Well, it is Supertart's turn to wish you and Angie many happy years of retirement together. If you ever come to Goa give me a call, there are some excellent restaurants here especially the one I manage at the Horizon Beach Resort.

Have a wonderful time and a long and happy retirement.

John Herbert

Retired Executive Pastry Chef


P.S. I am in Goa until mid June and I visited Bill Dennis last week. (The first Goan Supervisor in P & O) He is now 83 years and still going strong and when I told him you were about to retire he also wanted to send you his best wishes for a long and happy retirement.


"john sify"



Lisa with Roger the Exec Chef. (Roger has one more tour of duty before he retires).



So, one of Dallas' Cowboys is finally hanging up his boots and heading for the corral!

Long may you graze and water ..... see you at the Cheltenham Gold Cup?


Enjoy the occasion Mike and Angie, and safe journeys always, wherever they may take you.

Andy Hiscox

Passenger Services Director

TSS Pacific Sky  (soon to be Sky Wonder of Pullmanturs)

between Melbourne and Adelaide.


Old Codger Maritime Services



Mike & Angie,

We remember a number of stories but best not to air most of them!


However we remember the day in Bora Bora when the four of us went off to the beach (with a nice lunch from the ship) and had a wonderful time chatting in the sea etc. The only trouble was that Angie was the only sensible one who had put on loads of sun cream!  Needless to say it was very painful trying to get into a boiler suit when we returned to the ship.


Also the Cocktail Parties in the PP Disco on the Venice turn rounds !


We wish you all the very best in retirement - after all our discussions about

AVC's you have finally beaten us to it. Let us know how the new lifestyle suits you. 

Keep in touch.

Peter and Sonia Johnson

Dawn Princess



Tom Dick and Harry! Looks who’s working Lisa!! (Hand around the head).




Gather that you are due to retire on 12th February, Welcome to the ranks, at least now you only have one boss, but, I'll lay a bet that she already has a long list of things for you to do !!


But seriously!! Elizabeth joins me in wishing you and Angie a Long, Happy, and Healthy retirement, and hope that if you are ever in this "neck of the woods" you will let us know. There's always a bed here.


We will drink to "your Healths" on the 12th !!

With every sincere wish for your Happy Retirement together.

Peter and Elizabeth Scott





I was invited along with my wife, Linda for drinks in Mike’s cabin but due to unusual engine problems on the Pacific Princess we were late arriving but graciously welcomed by Angie at the door and asked to keep our voices low as Mike was taking a Sunday snooze, feet up on the pouffe, totally naked from the waist up, with his scotch perfectly balanced on a stomach gently rising and falling like the worse tide he ever had to navigate.



Linda would like to say she had many happy days sailing with Angie but in particular a birthday celebration at Raffles in Singapore and also a wonderful afternoon of karaoke just the two of them in the Pirates Cove are special memories.

We wish you both all the best for the future.

John & Linda Bates

Chief Technical Officer

MV Grand Princess



Mike in his preferred pose!



Farewell Message from Ocean Village for Captain Mike Carr.

Greetings from all of us who know you on board the Ocean Village, which we believe that you have "fond" memories of, as the good ship Arcadia! (I will never forget your Captain's Management report of a difficult time in St John's, Antigua, when the pilot Captain Green, who is very black, went quite white!)


We would like to wish you all the best for your retirement and of course your forthcoming Australia trip, which we are sure that you will both enjoy. And we know that you will be dined out well aboard the Oriana, a fine ship. Thanks for all the wisdom and style imparted over the years from those who reaped the benefit, you have certainly made your mark  amongst your colleagues and will be remembered for it.


We look forward to seeing you back aboard in holiday mode! All the very best to you both from the Ocean Village.

Kind Regards

David Box


MV Ocean Village




I never actually thought you would retire before me!!!! The incident I recall most of all was when the Orcades broke down in Lautoka in 1971 when the auxiliary circulating system failed when the large pipe in the Engine room just rotted. (I hope the Engineers present are impressed with ‘auxiliary circulating system’). We had no ventilation, refrigeration, power, water, flush water, anything. Our answer when Mike came off watch was to head for the nearest bar to quench our thirsts. Unfortunately this particular bar did not stock water and we were forced to alternatives whilst playing ‘poke the box’ which inevitably won enough for one more round!! When we got to Suva two days later, we had to feed all the passengers at the Hotels in Suva. By this time I had moved from Crew Asst Purser to Catering Asst Purser and the intrepid Dennis Blurton (Purser) sent me off to check that all was well at lunch. Mike came off watch at Noon and decided to come with me. On arrival at the hotel, the Manager told us we were free to use the bar with his compliments. This was in fact a silly mistake on his part because I remember the two of us getting back just before Midnight, having completely abused this Hotel manager’s hospitality, where an extremely unimpressed Purser had been waiting for the past 10 hours for my report. He still had to wait till the next morning as we were both unable to speak and never actually got round to looking at the food anyway.


I recently watched a tribute to George Best on TV in UK. It struck me afterwards that the only difference, apart from haircut, between Mike and George was that George was the better soccer player !!!!


I am sorry we are not with you for this momentous event which P&O has had to await 40 years to come to fruition, but am sure we shall continue as usual in the summer at Robbo’s infamous bar and restaurant in the Cotswolds.


But in all seriousness, Mike, I do hope you and Angie have a long and healthy retirement. You have earned it !!!  well most of it anyway, after the Dallas cowboys !!!!  I’ll bet Christie wished he’d saved his money now !!


I heard something on the radio the other day which I thought applicable. “When I die, I want to go just like my father did, quietly in his sleep and not screaming with terror like his passengers”


"'Peter Pratt'"



Leanne Stutchbury (shore staff now but was at sea as F&B manager) with Joahn Bernard (Senior Doctor).



Captain Mike,

From those of us who have had the honour and privilege of sailing with such a fine Master we wish you both smooth waters and fair winds on the sea of retirement. From all of us on board the Coral Princess we bid you and Angie a fond farewell and very best wishes for the future. From the Captain, Officers and Crew of the Coral Princess.


We found it hard to agree on the most amusing anecdote connected with you and your fine lady as let’s face it there are so many tales to tell. For me personally, I will never forget the time when as a new Third mate I was duly dispatched by your ever patient wife to extricate you from the Casino of the Royal Princess. It seems that somehow on your way home from a late formal dinner you had managed to take a wrong turn and had found yourself inexplicably at the wrong end of the ship rolling dice for a bemused crowd of passengers. How was a lowly Third mate to deal with getting the Deputy Captain home as per the Social Hostesses (and more importantly the wife's) instructions? Well of course as we all know  there really was no solution to the problem as "DC" by this time was very much on a roll so to speak. As we well know, if you can't beat them, join them, so that night I got to learn a thing or two about the roll of the dice and the bottom of a bottle of Port or was it a bottle of Scotch (even now the memory of the night is somewhat hazy)? To Angie, sorry I failed miserably at getting the boss home at a reasonable time but for me it was a night to remember!

Gary M. Davis

Staff Captain

Coral Princess



Won't send a story this time just my best wishes. I sailed with his lordship when 1st off & AP he could be an absolute b.......... but that didn't make a difference as when you were Mike's friend. It was for life.

Best of luck - enjoy your time and cheers!!!!

Sue Huggins



Jules (Staff Engineer) with Claire and John.



I would appreciate your passing my congratulations to Mike at his retirement luncheon. No doubt, it will be a monumental occasion!


I sailed with Mike on Canberra, Island Princess and other ships during the ‘70s, and we had many happy and some mischievous times together as well as many missions enjoyed ashore in various ports. It seemed like a golden era and left many memories.


I hope Mike and Angie enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement and look forward to seeing them in the UK in the future.

Yours aye

Stuart Bennett




Mike and Angie

Wishing you both long life, good health and much happiness. Many thanks for the support and friendship over the last few years, it has been a pleasure sailing with you.


Sorry that we cannot be with you all tonight … enjoy the Dinner and have a wee dram for me !!!


Enjoy life and all the best to you in whatever you do whilst ashore.


Good Shooting, Good Fishing, Good Shopping and Bon Appetite to you both !!

Cheers and all best wishes

Tracey and Zak



Angie doing an audition for the Cruise Director Nigel!



Hi Mike,

Well where does one begin with so many great memories of my time on Arcadia and of course the occasional time when it wasn't so easy to remember!!


Southampton turnarounds were just about bearable with the though of a small glass once we cleared the pilot station (and the pilot cleared the steak sandwiches) and the opportunity to "praise" the shore management.


BBQ's on the bridge wing were quite unique, not sure what the newly embarked passengers or the observers on the quayside thought  with the bridge wing on fire, amongst many clouds of smoke!! I remember one such BBQ when a certain Auditor (now Captain) managed to put his arms through the bridge wing control panel cover and just about fell in.


I also recall some very fine lunches and dinners, which always had the "top totty" there. Angie would often reach for the guitar and we'd all break out into voice. I seem to remember raising a glass to our friends in the "Ivory Tower" and wondering for a brief moment what they were doing that day.


Although not my happiest memory how could I forget the time when I was summoned to your office and asked to explain what had happened during a certain quiet lunch in Costa Rica and a "borrowed" bottle of wine. You told me that the restaurant owner had called the police and our head office regarding a certain rowdy group of Officers who had adjusted the bill and then taken a couple of souvenirs on their way out. YOU BAS...., you and Alistair McCallum certainly had me there.


Anyway Mike, although there were so many great social memories, nothing can surpass the guidance you gave me during my tenure as your Deputy and the preparation for my first command. For that I really do thank you.


Have a wonderful evening and enjoy your time in Aussie. Love to Angie, who I know is very excited about your retirement and I look forward to seeing you for a "wee drop" once you are back home

Wishing you a long, happy and healthy retirement


Julian Burgess



I am afraid I cannot think of any memorable funny moments, but please pass below on to Mike & Angie for me.


So, your final day is finally here. I know you have been looking forward to this for some time. May you both enjoy your retirement form the sea to the fullest, as I know you will. Angie we shall miss your singing & guitar playing at the 'Dinners' and your jolly smile around the ship. Mike, your cigars and your red shorts we will not miss, but your great seamanship, the confidence you have installed in us all and your sense of humour will be missed. The two of you will be a very hard act to follow. Hopefully we will meet up again.


Mr. Valentine sends his regards and best wishes as well, we have him and his cigars on the Grand Odyssey with us, but, we also only have two days to go (yippee) as we arrive in Southampton on the 12th Feb as you arrive in Hong Kong.

Enjoy yourselves!!!


Christine Noble



Mario learning the words of the Oriana song!



Please pass on my very best to the both of them and from John and Linda Bates, Martin Ford and all his friends on Grand Princess.


What can be said about Mike? I am sure you are not going to be lost for words. He's had quite a career ..... one of the Company's more colourful characters and he'll be missed. A lot of water has passed the bridge since we first sailed together on SS Arcadia in 1974. Probably appropriate that this message comes as we head towards Texas .... not far from the home of the Dallas Cowboys!! Not too many of us left from that era which shows how short life is but at least no one can accuse Mike of not making the most of it.


Have a safe docking in Hong Kong and a long and very happy retirement

to Mike and Angie from us all.

Cheers and good health to all of you,

Nick Carlton


Grand Princess


PS Mike ..... Don't forget to chuck your cap in the harbour when you Finish With Engines!!



The P&O Oriana Song being sung by two stalwarts!!.



Please pass on our very best wishes to Mike and Angie from the very few  old dinosaurs on Regal who know them. It is a pity we can't be there to join in the fun but believe that there would probably not be enough on board to cater for all of us if we got together.


Pratty and I have trouble remembering each other let alone anyone else that may have sailed with Mike but those that have send greetings and hope to catch up with him in a better place.

Best wishes

From all on the Regal Princess.

HDGR, Pratty, Tim Wingate, Sam Mitchell and a handful of the really old




Singing the Oriana song printed from this web site for the evening occasion.



Captain Carr always stood up for his ship and its crew and was not an adherent to political correctness (to put it politely). I recall when he walked onto the bridge one morning with a greeting. There was a young cadet there. The Captain asked: "How are you matey"? Having recently transferred from Princess and still heavily indoctrinated in its philosophy, the cadet replied: "Excellent, Sir". "Really?", said the captain, "well, I can soon change that for you" !


Soon after taking over Oriana, when the bridge team was assembled for its first navigation brief the Captain was laying down a few ground rules. The bridge had recently been made a no-smoking area. The Captain pointed out to those who did not know him that he liked to smoke a cigar, including on the bridge. However, he asked that if anyone had any objections to him smoking there he would respect their view and so invited anyone to say so there and then. After a pause adding....."I can always find you another ship" !


Captain Carr, it was always a pleasure to sail with you and I hold many fond memories of that. I recently had the opportunity to find out for myself, the wonderful hydrodynamic qualities of your other ship and to which you often referred. Departing a Caribbean port with a strong breeze to near gale on the starboard beam, with wheel hard to port, bow thrusters full to port and stern thruster full to starboard, she started swinging 5-10 degrees per minute to starboard!. We realised we would not win so just had to go astern and let her swing the way she wanted to. Anyway, I can report that your old ship is being looked after well, despite a defacing with various red, yellow and magenta stripes and circles.


May you have a long and happy retirement. Best wishes to you and Angie.



(the Polish Prince)



The perks of being Captain!!




With your imminent retirement, it feels that the doors are slowly closing on the world of P&O as we knew it. Your career is folklore and I am sure that stories, both accurate and the result of passed down exaggeration, have been entertaining your hosts at this Farewell Dinner. My own memories, apart from a very late night out in Thailand (which I shall not regale at this point) was you giving birth to the art of pole dancing in the disco during the early hours of the morning on Golden Princess!!


I wish both Angie and yourself a long, happy and healthy retirement and if, in the  near future, you are ever tempted to venture back for some type of mindless audit, have a large gin and tonic, lie down and wait for the feeling to pass!


With your departure we lose a friend and one of the last larger than life characters of our industry.

Take care,

Yours aye,

Billy Hygate



and more perks!



I have known Mike and Angie for many years and have always liked Angie. Only joking, Mike isn't such a bad bloke either. Unfortunately I have only sailed with him when his wild carousing days were fading and Mrs Carr had a firm grip on him. So anything I have to say will only be to wish an old shipmate the very best for a long and happy, sober and healthy retirement. He can choose which bits he wants from the selection. It has always been a pleasure to see Mike and I hope that we can keep up our contact now that he has reached the Hallowed ground. After a couple of months here in South America the thought of joining him in that happy state is very much in the forefront of my mind.


Old sailors have always provided sound advice but the only bit I remember with much amusement was when I took over from Mike on the old Sea Princess many years ago. 'If you don't understand what to do or why something strange has happened, have a few sherbets and it will all look so much simpler.' I can't say what he really said but I am sure those at the party will be able to translate.


Mike and Angie, all the very best for the future and I am sorry we can't all be there to join you.

Best wishes




I think the security officer just told Jo that he needed to conduct an immediate strip search !!!! and was trying to explain to those attended.


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Mike Carr, Sue Jones, Angie Carr, David Jewkes.


May I take this opportunity to add my personal best wishes to Mike and Angie for a long and happy retirement.


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