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Steve's Movies - Oriana FO 1975

Starring in order of appearance: 

SS Oriana, A group of un-named Engineering Officers dressed in White Mess Jackets.


There's an explanation required here. I was on local leave in Perth when the Big O came into Fremantle so I thought it'd be a good idea to hire a light aircraft and fly low over the ship as she left port at 18:00 hrs. Due to licence restrictions we had to be back in Jandakot by sundown i.e. around 19:30 hrs. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she was late leaving and I was told later that it was because Toby Tompkins, who was doing the 4th's Bunkering duties that day, had put too much oil in the starboard tanks listing the ship against the quay trapping the gangways so they were madly trying to re-ballast so they could get the ship away from the side. Anyway I'd also arranged for a group of the lads to be out on deck so I could film them. I should also point out here that over land we have to stay above 1000 feet but at sea we could have come down to 500 feet but we never got that chance. What you see on the aft deck is a message to me from the lads as they were very hungry and wanted to go to Dinner. Thanks boys!   



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