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Steve's Movies - US Med Fleet 1975

Starring in order of appearance: 

John Speed, Dirty Harry Adamson, Dave George.


Explanation, We tied up alongside part of the US Mediterranean Fleet in Palma I think and we asked Bruce Waller what would be our chances of getting on one of the ships to have a look around. He simply said put on your best whites and cap and go and ask, so we did. We were piped aboard as we walked up the gang plank which blew me away and was saluted by the Master at Arms at the top. Dirty Harry saluted back with his left hand if I remember right! Anyway, they called a Lieutenant Engineer who said he would be delighted to show us around but they were on a 5 minute standby which meant they had to be away from the quay and doing full ahead within 5 minutes and if they had to go we'd be going with them so we took the risk and went for a brilliant tour.


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