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Passenger Memories

  • 1956 - Margaret Bradley - Corfu

  • 1956 - Stephen Clow - Chusan

  • 1959 - Linda Newman (nee Doore) - Chusan & 1963 on Oriana

  • 70's & 80's - Robert Dobson - Oriana

  • 1972 - Janene Duncan - Oronsay

  • 1973 - Robyn McPhee - Himalaya  

  • 1974 - Denise Sasse - Himalaya

  • 1972, 73 & 75 - John Barker 
  • 1978 - Marten Brunning - Oriana

  • 1978 - Rosemary Thomas - Canberra

  • 1986-9 Lizzie Chapman-Walker's - Canberra  


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Margaret Bradley - Corfu


On 02/12/2008 10:34 PM, Margaret Bradley wrote:


I found your site whilst surfin' looking for anything I can find out about the SS Corfu. I was on board in 1956 with my mother and brother heading to Hong Kong for three years. Dad was already there.


We lost the ship's cat in the Bay of Biscay and the newspapers back in the UK called it a jinxed voyage because of all the things which were happening. I had the best time!


I see from you site that Terry Wild was also on board in 1956 but I can't access his email address. Could you possibly let me have it or, if you would prefer, you give him mine if he can remember anything?


I would very very much appreciate any help.


Best wishes
Margaret Bradley


Margaret can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Stephen Clow - Chusan 1956


On 14/09/2008 6:43 PM, Stephen Clow wrote:


I sailed P&O with my parents back to the UK in 1956 to live from Singapore where I was born in 1949, and your website is full of Chusan photographs which have really been great to see. But your non-seadogs bit brought tears to my eyes as I remembered the happy years with my Mum and Dad - not long now! I could write a book, but I just wanted to record a grateful thanks for those very moving additions to your website.

God bless




Stephen can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Linda Newman - Chusan 1959 & Oriana 1963


On 21/03/2011 2:40 AM, Linda Newman wrote:


Please don’t denigrate the passengers. I adored travelling P&O. My dad was on one of the old colonial contracts, where travelling home on leave by sea was assumed – flying was so much more expensive!


In 1959 when he was forced to fly to Hong Kong to assume his new role (with overnight stop in India when the Comet had to land) mum & I embarked on Chusan to join him later. It was the most momentous voyage for an 8 year old. I remember discovering club sandwiches at the Tanglin Club, and coca cola in bottles (different to the syrup on the ship) and have been addicted ever since! And the botanical gardens in Penang, and Breach Candy club, with salt and fresh water pools. So many things, and such excitement for a child in the 50’s.


Then in 1963 we returned from Hong Kong to UK on the Oriana. What a wonderful ship. I recall our table steward was called Alfred, which was particularly appropriate as he burned the toast every morning.


Some of us really appreciated the ships, the standard of service, etc., and some of us wish it was all still available – particularly now some of us can actually afford it, but it’s no longer there! (Unless of course you know differently?)


With thanks to you if you were there, and to everyone who may read this who was there & made it all so wonderful.


Linda Newman (nee Doore)


Linda can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Robert Dobson - Oriana 1970's & 80's


On 07/02/2010 3:31 PM, Robert Dobson wrote:


May I congratulate you on such an interesting and informative site. I enjoyed frequent cruises during the 70s and 80s. Being a shipyard engineer, I took every opportunity to enjoy the engine room visits (but a bit hot for me). Also I often met and mixed with engineers at parties and in the public rooms. I must admit that I often took with a large pinch of salt what they would say about life as a cruise ship engineer. Then on more than one occasion another engineer would join the company and it was like another gear had been engaged, and I could then see it was so. I guess it would have been difficult to find the motivation or time to sleep. I expect your site is still in its infancy as there are a lot of officers I had the pleasure to meet but not mentioned on your lists. Perhaps you should consider a passenger section as I recall there was plenty of social intercourse between them and the engineers. I did meet Jon Milner and electrical officer Alan Bell at a Captain's Cocktail Party. Then ten years ago I bumped into Jon and I seem to remember he said he had acquired his second engineers certificate before leaving the sea. He said he now worked as a electricity transmission technician in North Yorkshire. His responsibility was overhead pylons and cabling. He also said Alan Bell owned and ran a hotel in York. Jon also said his partner had left him a year earlier and was very sad about that. I see a Dave Oakes is often mentioned with Jon, I was surprised that a P&O officer would emigrate to South Africa. If it were that I wanted to try to critique your site it would be to say perhaps you should have a section of 'Where Are They Now' as I found the most interesting aspect of the site was seeing how the engineers had got on since leaving the sea i.e. what is John Speed, Pete Smith and yourself doing now? But perhaps for you, this website is a full time occupation. What about all the other passenger info that must be out there. Also I wonder how many engineers went to live down under and how many came back to the UK. Keep up the good work and I hope you have no objection to passenger viewing.




Robert can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Janene Duncan - Oronsay 1972


On 06/07/2010 6:58 PM, Janene Duncan wrote:


Congratulations on a great web site, you’ve certainly put a lot of effort into it.


I sailed as a passenger on the Oronsay in 1972. I did half of a circle Pacific Cruise then joined the ship in San Francisco for the trip to Southampton. From memory the ship had been cruising for some time and was going home. I was 19 years old and travelling alone – the trip was full of firsts and full of many wonderful memories made even better by a terrific group of guys.


I think I read on here that John Sullivan was working on Sydney harbour these days. The first time I met him was at the Red Garter when I insulted him by assuming that he was a waiter and questioned how good my eggs would be the next morning seeing that he was so drunk. He very quickly put me in my place. He was with, among others, Graham Tuck who was also drunk and obnoxious and the obvious ring leader of this very rowdy group. I did not think much of this lot at all and wondered what I had got myself into for the long trip to the UK. In the sober light of day of course we all became great mates.


I dragged my photos out after first finding your site with all the great photos. There were people that I had forgotten about like Charlie Dodsworth, Kevin Morgan and Trevor Lewis (I think) an electrician who once we’d docked late at night in Southampton dressed me up in a white boiler suit and took me down the crew gang way so that I could be the first passenger to set foot on British soil. We were both very drunk and I think we took a cab to his parents place in Bournemouth – or maybe we were going to and didn’t end up, I really can’t remember we were both so under the weather. I do remember though the white boiler suit and my high heels going down that gangway!


I was also good mates with Steve Norris and kept in touch with him after he joined the British Antarctic Survey. I still have these little black and white photos that he sent me of penguins and him with frost all over his beard. The last I saw of him was at my flat in Ealing when he brought his new girlfriend around to introduce her. They were getting married. I often wondered what happened to Noddy.


I saw kept in touch with Graham Tuck too for a while after the trip. A gorgeous man, and if my life was a movie he would have had a special part. He wanted to do one more trip and I wanted to not sit home waiting..... C‘est la vie.


So here we all are many years later. What a fabulous life you guys had. Once again keep up the good work with the site and if you see John Sully tell him I bet he’s still a rude old fart.



Janene Duncan

Tamworth NSW.


Janene can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Robyn McPhee - Himalaya 1973


On 09/09/2009 9:29 PM, Robyn McPhee wrote:


I came across this website by accident. Having travelled on the Himalaya several times during the early '70's I was fascinated to see the faces of several people I remember from the wonderful times I had aboard the Himalaya cruising the Pacific. I have travelled with other lines over the years but none were as good as the P & O cruises of the 70's.


I have attached two photos taken aboard the Himalaya in 1973 and it would be great if you could put them on your website! One is of myself with engineer Kevin O'Connor - despite the flirtatious nature of the pic, Kevin and I were just friends! He was very handsome, charming and always a real gentleman!


The second pic is of a couple of engineers fooling around (!) - the one with the big bowtie I believe was Peter Robinson - can't remember the names of the others. 'Pee Wee' Robinson was a real character and kept many of us entertained when he was "off duty"!


Hope the pics are in a suitable format - I am no expert but could send them again if you need them in a different format.


I wonder what Kevin and Peter are doing nowadays?


Robyn McPhee
Wollongong, NSW Australia


Robyn can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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1974 - Denise Sasse - Himalaya


On 05/11/2010 12:04 PM, Denise Sasse wrote:


My name is Denise Sasse and I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful Seadogs site – you have put so much work into it to bring so much enjoyment to everyone who visits it – thank you.


I have been a passenger on “Himalaya” a number of times, the first in 1969 and the last her final Pacific cruise in 1974 before she left Sydney for Taiwan. Forty years ago in February 1971 a friend, Val Toogood, and I departed from Sydney on “Himalaya” on the Women’s Weekly World Discovery Tour, a five month overseas adventure. The majority of that time was spent onboard “Himalaya” where we sailed for nine weeks outward bound and four and a bit weeks homeward bound – needless to say, we formed a bond with passengers and staff alike. I’ve attached a couple of photos for your site if you would like to include them.


click to enlarge

The first is at a pour-out in Engineers quarters – David Selby, Brian Flower-Ellis (Engineers), Paul Tutton (Bureau) and Roy Saunderson (Radio).


click to enlarge

Next is on decks before docking in Port Melbourne where a large number of friends were disembarking – I think we were singing in this photo!!! The Bridge Officer is an Aussie (I can’t remember his surname, but he was known as Aussie John).


click to enlarge

The third is at a farewell cocktail party we hosted for all the Officers – most of the names escape me except second on the left is John McCririck (Baby Doc) and next to him is Iain McLeod and in front is Ann McLeod (nee Simpson).


click to enlarge

The last two photos are of “Himalaya” in 1974 as she sets sail for Taiwan – the hoisting of the Paying-off Pennant and...


click to enlarge the tugs pull her out from Circular Quay terminal.


As it is 40 years since the WWWDT we are trying to get together anyone who sailed on “Himalaya” during that tour for a reunion in Sydney in February and wondered if I could put my email address on your site as a contact point for any old Himalaya Seadogs living in Sydney who might be interested in coming along.


Thank you once again and I’ll be sure to send you any relevant Seadogs photos from the reunion.


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John Barker - Arcadia and Oriana


On 23/10/2015, John Barker  wrote:

I was 22 years old in the summer of 1972 and said "lets see some of the world". What better way than to book a passage on the Arcadia's southbound voyage to Sydney so I called an agent and for a whole CAD$672 I got a bunk in a 6 berth cabin for 45 days and to see 10 places. The price was right, 6 berths was different but at that age who cared. As the departure date got closer a buddy of mine heard about it and he also booked but got a different cabin. Neither of us had been on a ship or even heard about one so we had quite an adventure awaiting us.

I didn't own a camera but I bought a video camera in Kobe, you know the one that looked like a stinger missile and weighed about 20 lbs. It was easy to hide lol... The pics I've sent in are captures from my video collection. I transferred all the Super 8's to a CD but can't figure out how to send just segment's of them. I will one day and then I'll show you all the fun the group had.

Arcadia November 1972 south bound voyage from Vancouver: (Single)

Passangers on Arcadia in Nov 1972.

I'll never forget approaching Japan and the waiter at dinner came up to us and put up the sides of the table. He smiled and we had no idea why, later that night we did (bad weather) and the dance floor was a treat.

Arcadia departing Nagasaki in Nov 1972.

Yokohama was fascinating as three long haired Canadians ashore with American servicemen in a bar was not a good event.

Arcadia docked in Manila 1972, marshall law at the time.

It was a wonderful experience, the crew were fantastic to us, we met many people doing the same thing but from many different countries. Converting Canadian dollars to stirling was different and I can't quite remember, was a beer 25 cents or 25 p?

Hostess on Arcadia 1972.

This hostess took a fancy to my buddy.

Arcadia in Sydney Dec 1972.

The hostess and 2 other crew saying goodbye in Dec 1972.

Arcadia Departing Sydney Dec 1972.

All in all it was an amazing trip and a young lady I met invited us to stay with her in Coogee once docked. Thank you Janny!

Oriana Southbound late 1973. (Married to an Aussie Gal)

I flew back to Canada January 1973 due to family death but longed to go back to Aussie. A lady I met on New Years in Melbourne flew to Toronto to say hi so I thought hey if she went to all this much trouble then I should marry her.

She wanted to go home so we booked the Oriana as transport. We spent some time in Ft Lauderdale pre-boarding and in those days guests came aboard to say goodbye. This itinerary was altered due to a fuel shortage that year, I can't remember the actual month we sailed. The ship was huge to me compared to Arcadia with many more nice touches.

The crew were great and the one we hung out with the most was the ship's photographer, I think his name was Norm. We had a great voyage and saw many things but I still did not own a camera but still dragged along that huge bloody thing called a video camera.

Oriana Northbound Voyage May/April 1975 (Single Again)

Ok, I got divorced and was heading home so I booked this passage with a bunk in a 4 berth cabin. As I walked onto the ship on the first day I heard someone yell out my name, it was Norm the photographer and he was all smiles and said "where's Julie", I said "back in Melbourne", his smile got bigger and he said "we'll have some fun now". That photographer would've been on Oriana for at least 2 years so someone must know him? Norm maybe the wrong name.

I met my cabin mates and one I really hit it off with and we hung out the entire trip which was nice. So, he and I got dressed in nice suits on the first night and headed off to dinner, after dinner we went to the bar on the deck by the pool, that was a big mistake as Norm and some officers grabbed me and in the pool I went. They all yelled "welcome aboard" so I felt right at home. One of the culprits was a hostess by the name of Nicky Seymour.

Crossing the Equator

During the Crossing the Equator ceremony the officers thought I was a good candidate so I was selected for a drenching.

I still have the certificate.


Hawaii swim with Vicky Marshall Oriana 1975.

Norm (ships photographer) & Nicky Seymour in Hawaii 1975.

Oriana Photographer Norm in Hawaii from Oriana April 1975.

Vickie Marshall in Hawaii from Oriana 1975.

I was supposed to get off in Vancouver but all my new friends went to the purser and chipped in the fare to keep me onboard for another 2 weeks. Yes, as I'd been through the divorce and money was tight but now I had 2 more weeks of fun with the passengers and crew. We went on a lot of the excursions as a group, Norm, Nicky Seymour, Vicki Marshall and my room mate.


The best day was the Panama Canal transit as it got really messy and cold beers had a new function.

John Barker & Vicky Marshall Oriana Panama transit April 1975.

Oriana Panama transit.

Panama Canal transit with Vicky Marshall April 1975.


Dynamite duo in Nassau.

Nassau with Vicky and passenger from Oriana.

Various Shots

John and a Lady, April 1975 on Oriana.

Oriana April 1975 John and Vicky Marshall.

Oriana making sure the beer was cold.

A cute Oriana passenger.

View of Oriana.

Nice beach.

Nice girl.

Nice girl in pool.

Ashore somewhere.

Great smile.

I also met these two sisters from Queensland who were passengers going to Southampton to meet their parents, I think they had something to do with Marineland in Queensland. One is the blonde and the other cutie has curly hair and a great shape. She and I sent letters back and forth when she was in England but I started working and couldn't meet her in LA. Yes, I was supposed to get on another voyage back to Aussie and meet up with her. One never knows what may have been. I haven't stopped thinking about it even after all this time. There were also two brothers I met on the cruise and one dated the blonde and the other brother was heading to England to open a Pharmacy I think but I'm not positive about that.

One of the Queensland sisters.

In case anyone was thinking I'd bought a camera the answer is no I still only had that monster video thing. It was actually a blessing as my previous 2 voyages were all about the places we went to but this voyage was all about the scenery (the passengers lol). I'll never forget the people I met, to this day I wish I'd written down names and stayed in touch with people but I didn't and that's one big regret! I found this site one day and I wanted to share my story and pics hoping someone will remember and contact me. Steve has been so helpful and I owe him a big thank you.

Ft Lauderdale

So, we're approaching Ft Lauderdale and they all know I must get off the ship and everyone starts encouraging me to stay on til England, "we'll chip in" they say. I almost said yes but Ft Lauderdale was closer to Toronto than London so I didn't take up their offer. Again one never knows what may have happened. Do I think about my decision? Yes, I do wonder. So we docked and they said "what are you doing" and I said "booking a motel room that I know which has a great pool". So I check in and the owner remembered me from when my ex wife and I spent 15 days there. I asked if it was ok for guests to visit just for a few hours and he said "sure".

Well the whole gang came over to swim and say goodbye. I have great video footage of this activity.

Sadly the good times finally turned sour when I heard them say "we need to get back to the ship".


I went with them and stood on the seawall waving to them all up on the deck. Was there a tear? Yes, a bunch. Officers and passengers all lined up waving goodbye. I watched the Oriana leave til I couldn't see her anymore. Sad day ... you bet! It was the best 30 days of my life.

PS: Just to add to this, my room mate from this voyage called me in Toronto about a year after being home and said he was going to be in Toronto this coming Friday, and did I wanna meet? I said sure and then he said he was coming with his nephew and asked me not to talk much about our adventure on the ship. I thought this was odd but whatever. So we arranged to meet at the Friars Tavern downtown. Now this was 1976 so a big thing at that time was see-through tops on waitresses at this bar and I thought he would enjoy it. So I arrived and grabbed a seat and a beer and was waiting for them. While I was waiting in walked two guys with flat hats and long out of fashion cloths, they were obviously Mennonites. I thought wow why would they frequent this bar. Then one of them says "hey John", oh my god it was my room mate and the voyage he took was his way of getting a break from that life i.e. no booze or screwing around, hence why nothing was mentioned that night. He was a great guy still and his nephew's eyes never looked so big when a see-through waitress asked him what he would like to drink :-)

Sorry for being so long winded but this was an important segment of my life and worth sharing in the hope that some of my old friends might read it one day and get back in touch with me.

My email address is

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Marten Brunning - Oriana


On 11/01/2010 3:52 AM, Marten Brunning wrote:


I have stumbled onto the seadog website which I guess is meant for ex crew members. However I was a passenger on Oriana yearly from 1978 till its decommissioning and have happy memories of it especially of Colin Hindmarsh whom I think needs no introduction. I went to his memorial service at the Rising Sun where his brother Ron paid a tribute. He was equally as good as Colin.


My main purpose for writing is to ask if you know of anyone who has any cine film of Colin. He was irreplaceable and I would love to copy it. I was one of those who booked a cruise only if Colin was performing.


All for now, hope you will reply.



Marten Brunning


PS. I'm sure you will never forget your past times on board, many of which would not happen today.


Marten can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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Rosemary Thomas - Canberra 1978


On 10/12/2009 5:53 PM, Rosemary Thomas wrote:


I was a passenger on the Canberra on several cruises including the World Cruise 1978 when I was in my 20's. A wonderful ship and I enjoyed visiting so many interesting places and meeting many passengers and crew members.


One crew member I particularly remember was Richard Webster who was the Baby Doc on the Canberra for the World Cruise 1978.


We lost touch and I have often thought about trying to make contact but it is difficult. I am therefore sending this email in the hope that you may know how to contact him or send a message on my behalf.


I found your website Seadogs - reunited fascinating and I have enjoyed looking at all the photographs - there are several familiar faces. Great times! I also have a lot of lovely photos taken during my cruises on the Canberra that bring back many happy memories.



Rosemary Thomas (my surname was Holliday then)


Rosemary can be contacted by leaving a message in the Forum.


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