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Steve Hodge's Memories

Steve’s the one in the middle. I don’t think I could get that close to a beer without drinking it. Note: All the narration and photos in this section are courtesy of Steve Hodge.


Sea Princess Engine Group Chinese New Year party.


Perry McBean (VO) throttling Mr Ko (VO Fitter), John Taylor (aka Legs-2VO), Steve Hodge (3EO), Clive Glover (aka GG-3EO), Stuart Horne (2O).


There’s more photos of Mr Ko here,


Steve Hodge remembers;

Interesting I saw Stuart Horn on a TV documentary recently about a cruise ship, he was the old man. It wasn't P&O. Stuart is famous (allegedly) for missing Gibraltar on a Mediterranean cruise. We were on the way back to Southampton and Gibraltar was the last stop. He was 12 to 4 but he forgot to slow us down. As a result the punters had a fast cruise around the bay complete with destroyer turns before we popped out through the straights. He got logged!


Breakfast in bed:

This is Bert McAughtrie having been roused by the rest of his watch from his attempt to stay off the piss enjoying an early beer. (Sea Princess 1980'ish).


Wheeled In:

Bert McAughtrie and Jeff Bray (aka Pink Panther) - it must have been a quiet cruise!


Brian Flower-Ellis:

Taken on Pacific Princess in Glacier Bay. Flower was doing his motor time (1978).



Gavin Ash doing what he did best. She was a cracker called Teri and I think he may have chopped my feet although he would never admit it. (Sea Princess 1982'ish)


Hamish and Brian Benzie:

This was Sea Princess crossing the line on an early 80's world cruise. Hamish Reid was 2/O at the time and I believe he is still at sea having made the dizzy heights of old man. Brian Benzie was 3/O and should really have been an engineer given the amount he could drink!


There’s more photos of Hamish here,


Ivor the Engine:

This is Ivor Young in the control room of Pacific Princess about 1979. Notice the jug of orange juice on top of the panel by Ivor's left shoulder - that was used by the 4th (Shag) to put him out when he set his boiler suit on fire having nodded off with a fag on!


Pacific Princess in Acapulco: About 1978.


Sea Princess crossing the line: Early 80's.


Sea Princess Engine Group:

This was a Chinese New Year party held in the forward cargo space. I don't remember many of the Chinese crew names I'm afraid.



?? (Fitter), Steve Hodge (3EO), Perry McBean (1VO), John Taylor (aka Legs-2VO), Bog Hopper (AEO), Tony Wallis (AEO), ?? (Cadet), ?? (Cadet), John Gunner (1ELO), Dave Montieth (J2EO).


Jimmy Plowman (MEO), Louis ? (Plumber), ?? (Chippy), ?? (Fitter), Logie Buchan (CEO), ?? (Fitter), John Bates (2EO), Jimmy Shaw (aka SAS-3EO), Steve Hockborn (4EO), ?? (Fitter), ?? (Fitter).


Mr Ko (VO Fitter), Tam Sui Man (No1 Fitter) Clive Glover (aka GG-3EO), ?? (Fitter), Tan the man (Deck Fitter).


There’s another photo Bog Hopper below.

There’s another photo John Bates below.

There’s another photo Tony Wallis below.

There’s a better shot of Tan here.

There's another photo of Steve Hockborn here.


Sea Princess Engine Group:

This was a wedding presentation to Tony Wallis.

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Perry McBean (VO), ?? (Cadet), Steve Hodge (3EO).


Bog Hopper (AEO), Knotty (AEO), Smouty (3EO), ?? (Cadet), Ady May (4EO).


Jimmy Plowman (MEO), John Bates (2EO), Tony Wallis (AEO), Dave King (CEO), John Taylor (aka Legs-2VO).


Sun Princess at Palm Island: This was about 1986.


Sun Princess Group at Palm Island: Also about 1986.


Steve Hodge (3EO), J Fats (AEO), Dave Watts (RO), Neil Carney (AEO), Clive Egerton (3EO).


There’s more photos of Clive here,


Sun Princess New Year: About 1988.


Den Tanner the singing ice cube! (VO), Ian Brown (2EO), Princess Cruises staff, Graham Lewis (CEO), Paul Braughams (Purser), Jayne Hodge (pissed), Steve Hodge (J2EO).


Three Stooges - Sea Princess crossing the line.


Trevor ? (AELO), Steve Hodge and Knotty (AEO).


That day we manfully carried on the proud tradition of beating our victims senseless.


PP Skall Bar.


Graham Paul (aka Shag-4EO), Steve Hodge AEO, Paul Barker (AELO) in the Disco bar on Pacific Princess.


Macphailure, Dad and Steve Fiji.


Colin Macphail 4EO, Mike Thomas (aka Dad-3EO), Steve Hodge off for a day trip to Treasure Island in Fiji.


There’s more photos of Mike here,


Fiji Five a Side - This was the officer entry in a crew five a side tournament in Suva. I forget who won but I remember getting a serious kick in the goolies from one of the Pakistani crew! Had to retire early for a cold one or two, probably five or six actually.


Colin Campbell (Deputy Captain), Hamish Reid (2O), Richard Fennelow (1O), Bob Baker (4EO), Neil McGrath (1VO), Steve Hodge (AEO), Trenchy (AELO).


There's another photo of Colin Campbell here


Colin Shanks, Wally and Me - This is taken in the Carousel Lounge on Sea Princess, known affectionately to all the boys as the Caraboogie.


Jimmy Plowman (aka Bowprop) and Me - Jimmy loved his V12 Deutsch diesel bow prop motor on Sea Princess and talked about it all the time.


Exhaust Valve - This was what was left after an exhaust valve broke and fell into the cylinder of a 9 cylinder Gotaverken slow speed diesel engine on Sea Princess when we were underway. Those of us on watch that day will never forget it - it took a little while to put it back together again but was testimony to how tough those old engines were. John Ward (aka Crusty) was the hero who braved flying shrapnel to open the main air start bottles so we could stop the engine and prevent further damage.


Ark Royal and Bogie - Ark Royal (the through deck cruiser variety) showing the Bogie a clean pair of heels somewhere in the Western Atlantic.


Pool Crossing the Line - Crossing the Line on Sea Princess. It all got horribly out of hand when somebody threw the DC into the pool, that's him heading for the ladder. Perry McBean is right in the middle looking like Frankenfurter.


Tequila Sunrise - Arrival Cabo San Lucas on Pacific Princess. The 12 to 4 used to regularly pour out at 0500 arrival Cabo and get everybody out of their pits. Cabo was a two horse town in those days and the better for it. I was there on a cruise a few years ago and it's unrecognisable these days - wall to wall hotels etc.


2 unknown punters, Gadget, Jim Lakin (3EO), Dave Rose (2ELO), Julia (WAP), Corrie Wilson (WAP), Jenny Pap (Shops), Calvern Newbie (aka Pixie, AEO), Ray Houghton (AEO), Maurice Young (RO), Mara (RO-Kneeling), Chris Trainer (Stupid Boy-AELO), Terry (Photog), Al Wadham (AELO) on the deck.


Corrie Wilson kindly named by Terry Williams


Shag, Tweds, Gadget and Me.


Steve Hodge, Graham Paul (aka Shag) Jerry Tweddle, Gadget.


There’s more photos of Gadget here, here,


Jeff Knuckle and Me - Between the main engines on Sea Princess 1980.


Steve Hodge, Jeff Bray and Knuckle the cadet.


There’s more photos of Jeff here, here,


Vicar Macphaiure and Bob - Sea Princess 1980.


John Rennie (aka Vicar), Colin Macphail and Bob Baker.

Calvern Newby (aka Pixie) and Jim Lakin - Control Room on Pacific Princess.


There’s more photos of Jim here, here,


Shag and Me - Graham Paul and me in the show lounge on Pacific Princess. Shag is looking particularly jaded.


PP Drydock Escape Committee - When Pacific Princess went aground in Mazatlan Mexico about 1978'ish, we had to go to San Francisco for an emergency drydock. It wasn't as bad as dry docks usually are because it was unplanned and therefore not very much for the lads to do (we had ripped a big hole in the side - luckily it was all contained within fuel tanks). Five of us had a great day out as a result. We hired a car and went exploring across the Golden Gate, Muir Woods, San Francisco, and finished the day off with dinner in Chinatown. Great day out, hope you remember it chaps.



Clive Egerton 3EO, John Winterbone (aka Bones-3EO) he was awfully posh, Bill Bixley (aka Bruce-3EO), Ivor Young (3EO).


Macphailure GG and Tan.


Colin Macphail (Macphailure), Clive Glover (GG), Tan the Man.


There’s more photos of Clive here

There’s more photos of Colin here, here, here, here,


Aussie Cruising - Those were the days!


Mike Thomas (aka Dad-3EO), Jimmy Plowman (MEO), Colin Macphail (4EO), Passenger, ?? (2VO), Steve Hodge (AEO), Lisa (a gorgeous girl from Sydney), Gadget.


Angelina Lauro - Taken from PP in St Thomas. We were in a few days after she caught fire and sank. The Sun was tied up in front of her when it happened and some Coxswains from the Sun went aboard and helped get passengers off. It started in the galley in a brat pan I think. They pumped so much water into her that she sank. She stayed there for quite some time whilst a salvage crew plugged and pumped her out then towed her away. That'll stop you smoking in bed. Al Wadham in the foreground and Ivor Young, Mara, Dave Rose and unknown with backs to camera.


Beaky and Bob - Mike Beak was Chief Officer on PP and another thoroughly nice bloke. Unlike some deck officers Mike always had time for us more junior oinks. That's him explaining something to Bob Baker on the bridge of PP.


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Pacific Princess

These sketches were sold in the ship's gift shop and this one was my 21st birthday card (signed by everyone on the back). We were in Glacier Bay on the day and the wardroom pour out turned messy as usual (birthday cake fight)!


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Holiday Inn PV 

This was taken on the 20th March 1978 at the Holiday Inn in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We had played the Italian staff at football that afternoon and unusually beat them 5-1, so decided a few cold ones were in order. 


Tim Lawrence, Me, Rob Tojero, Bobby Baker, Martyn (Zak) Coombs.


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Ports of Call


Graham Paul (Shag), Me, Bill Bixley. 


We three had wandered down to Ports of Call on a boring LA turn around and ended up in that old photo shop where everybody got one of these taken.


There’s more photos of Steve here.


Steve’s email address is


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